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The oil industry is a thriving sector, teeming with opportunities for career growth and financial stability. For those who are contemplating a career change or looking for their first job, the oilfield might just be the perfect place to start. This article will guide you through the steps to land an oilfield job with no experience, and provide insights into the entry-level positions available in the U.S. oilfield sector.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding the Oilfield Industry
  2. Entry-Level Positions in the Oilfield
  3. Steps to Landing an Oilfield Job
  4. Conclusion

Understanding the Oilfield Industry

Before diving into the job hunt, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of the oilfield industry. The oilfield is a critical component of the energy sector, focusing on the extraction of oil and natural gas. It encompasses various operations such as drilling, extraction, and refining.

Why Choose the Oilfield?

  • Lucrative Pay: Even entry-level oilfield jobs offer attractive wages.
  • Career Growth: The industry offers numerous opportunities for career advancement.
  • Skill Development: On-the-job training programs are common, allowing you to acquire new skills.

Entry-Level Positions in the Oilfield

Here are some of the entry-level positions that you can apply for in the U.S. oilfield sector:

1. Rig Hand

Rig Hands, also known as Floorhands, are responsible for the general maintenance and operation of the drilling rig. Their duties include handling drilling pipes, cleaning, and basic equipment maintenance.

  • Average Pay: $25.44 – $37.09 per hour
  • Location: Common in the Gulf Coast and other oil-rich regions.

2. Roustabout

Roustabouts are involved in the manual labor required on oil rigs. They assist in loading and unloading equipment, assembling and repairing rigs, and general maintenance.

  • Average Pay: $16 – $22 per hour
  • Location: Throughout the U.S., especially in states like Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota.

3. Leasehand

Leasehands are responsible for ensuring that the drilling site is clean and organized. They also assist in transporting drilling equipment and supplies.

  • Average Pay: $18 – $24 per hour
  • Location: Common in areas with active drilling operations.

Steps to Landing an Oilfield Job

Step 1: Leverage Transferable Skills

If you have experience in other industries, such as construction or mechanics, highlight these transferable skills in your resume.

Step 2: Take Advantage of Training Programs

Look for oil companies that offer training programs for new hires. These programs will equip you with the necessary skills to excel in the oilfield.

Step 3: Network

Networking is crucial. Connect with professionals in the industry through social media, forums, and industry events.

Step 4: Tailor Your Resume for Oilfield Jobs

Customize your resume to highlight relevant skills and experiences. Include any safety certifications or training that you have completed.

Step 5: Be Willing to Relocate

Be open to relocating to areas where oilfield jobs are prevalent.

Step 6: Stay Persistent

The oil industry is competitive. Stay persistent in your job search and don’t hesitate to follow up on applications.


Embarking on a career in the oilfield can be both rewarding and challenging. With lucrative pay and ample opportunities for growth, it’s an industry worth considering even if you have no prior experience. By targeting entry-level positions such as Rig Hand, Roustabout, or Leasehand, and following the steps outlined in this guide, you can pave your way into the oilfield industry. Remember, persistence, networking, and continuous learning are key. So, gear up, tailor your resume, and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in the oilfield.

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